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JNESIS has since 2013 a close partnership with Sencha, notably through constant interactions with the community, an active participation in events at the European level (Sencha Roadshow Paris and Zürich), and two participations as a speaker in the global Sencha convention (San Francisco, 2015 and Las Vegas, 2016).

We also act as a local proxy for French and Swiss clients in need of other services on top of Sencha’s offer, notably for development (on and off-site), training in French, consulting and expertise.

Numerous organizations in France and Switzerland have already entrusted us with their projects and through long-term relationships, all pointing out our field experience as developers and our ability to step back and provide with a large view on technologies and their benefits.

We notably offer the following services in the Sencha ecosystem:
  • IT strategy and architecture, web, mobile and entreprise class applications
  • Ext JS code quality analysis
  • Thematic workshops
  • Ext JS integration: consulting, outsourced development and contracts
  • Training
  • Development of off-the-shelf components
  • theming
  • Integration of third party libraries
  • Specialized front-end testing, including Sencha Test and Bryntum Siesta
  • Performance measurement and improvement
  • Migration from Ext JS 3, 4 ou 5
  • Agile management and transfer of skills, project ownership assistance
  • Local proxy for Sencha

Case Studies


JNESIS took part as a speaker in the SenchaCon 2015 in San Francisco: we presented a particularly exhaustive business case, showing the possibilities and limitations with the integration of Ext JS in a Java portal.

We have also presented numerous innovative use cases during the SenchaRoadshow 2015 and 2016:

Build a fat client from an Ext JS application with Electron



JNESIS is a sponsor of the SenchaCon 2016 as a “Bronze Partner”. This year’s theme is the integration of Ext JS in the embedded world, with the presentation of a client application linked with an energy management equipement for buildings.

You will find on our blog detailed presentations of a few technological concepts and innovations we are developing for our clients.

Follow us on Linkedin in the Ext JS France Community lead by Jnesis.

Find us at the Sencha events in Paris, Zürich and during the SenchaCon.