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Sencha java & javascript


Sencha (Redwood City, CA) offers an extensive range of tools and frameworks to speed up the frontend development of enterprise class applications, such as Sencha ExtJS 6, Sencha Test, Sencha Inspector, Sencha Architect, …

JNESIS has developed a very close partnership with Sencha since 2013, as its official partner for France and Switzerland.



Exoplatform (San Francisco, CA) offers with eXo, a framework built in Java, a complete solution for enterprise portals.

JNESIS offers through its partnership, started in 2015, coaching, consulting, development and integration services, in some cases in direct cooperation with eXo teams, for intranet, enterprise social network and enterprise application portals.



Bryntum (Stockholm, Sweden) is a company specializing in off-the-shelf Ext JS components (Gantt, Scheduler, Ubergrid,…) as well as its own frontend testing suite (Siesta), designed for Ext JS applications and other.

JNESIS is Bryntum’s partner for France and offers as such coaching, consulting and training services around the implementation of Siesta in organizations.