Java & javascript experts

Java & javascript architectures


JNESIS has developed in the past few years a decisive know-how in the design and implementation of architectures using the java and javascript stacks.
We build as open and scalable as possible, in a “best-of-breed” (using the best solution for each specific need) and pragmatic (technologically lean) approach.

JNESIS gets involved upstream in numerous cases, as soon as the definition of the technical architecture, notably through technical debt management and the analysis of the existing systems, in order to offer an architecture consistent with the organization’s resources (financial, human,…), capabilities and ambitions.

Technical debt management


All organizations accumulate a technical debt by continuing to use obsolete and unsupported technologies, or by not implementing certain tools, techniques and processes that could speed up or improve the quality of development.

Jnesis aims at reducing debt not through a dogmatic or “Big bang” approach, but by gathering all stakeholders and assessing together the software capital as well as the technological and methodological resources of the organization.

This implies propositions such as the evolution of the architecture, the analysis of code quality , and/or training, to assist the organization towards achieving its goals while taking into account the daily realities of operations.



Agile methodology offers numerous advantages such as more functional consistency, a better mutual understanding of needs and stakes, an increased capability of early detection of design errors as well as the possibility for all types of stakeholders to take part early in the development process.

Complex projects may require several weeks or months to be completed. You can count on us for being here to assist you through any change that may occur during that period (change in strategy, functional requirements, financial requirements). Our team is composed of experienced specialists in agile management, conducting projects in a reactive way and using tools and methods consistent with this approach.

Agile methodology implies deliverables on a frequent basis (every 2 or 3 weeks for example) all along the project lifecycle, so that stakeholders and developers can continuously exchange on concrete elements.

Each and every new client can benefit from Jnesis’ expertise in agility for its projects, expertise vetted by numerous clients through a long field experience in real-life project environments.

Project ownership assistance


Our distinctive know-how extends beyond development: we also excel in the management of risks and the understanding of the stakes for the business. JNESIS offers dedicated project ownership assistance services, including:

  • Redaction (or joint redaction) of specifications after interview with the relevant technical and fonctional teams
  • Selection and validation of service providers
  • Joint follow-up with optional implementation of adequate monitoring and management tools
  • Assistance for the reception of deliverables through audit and/or analysis of deviations
  • Setup of indicators or information of decision makers

Our consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in those subjects and have conducted numerous projects.

Code quality analysis


As a part of analyzing the quality of a code, compliance with best development practices or improving performance and reliability, JNESIS offers extensive audit services by a selection of experts with several years of experience, each in their own field.

We analyze by sampling java or javascript applications, most notably Sencha Ext JS applications, in order to check that the teams, often heterogeneous or subject to a certain turnover, have consistently complied with the best practices, for a sustainable, scalable and efficient code.

Our analysis methodology relies as much on automated tools as on contextualized manual analysis, in order to take into account any specific business constraint or particular history.

Java & javascript expertise


JNESIS focuses mainly on the java et javascript stacks, thus avoiding a frequent issue with professional services: offering numerous technologies without a complete mastery of them.

In the java ecosystem, we notably insist on Spring and Hibernate, in order to offer a perfect imbrication of those technologies with a high level of performance and reliability.

This approach of architecture is favored by thousands of companies and organizations across the globe, for resource planning applications or other backend applications that are extensively used and have stringent stability requirements.

As an alternative, we also offer our know-how in lighter backend architectures using technologies such as Node.js (including notably ExpressJS, SailsJS, MeteorJS) or frontend javascript.

We have also developed significant skills in Sencha ExtJS, acquired through several years of work and dozens of projects carried out and delivered with success.

We assist our clients with technological choices, as well as the improvement of quality, performance and robustness of their applications.