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Jnesis advises and assists its clients in the study, implementation and realization of their projects in a wide variety of fields (banking, industry, medical…). 

Whatever your project is, Jnesis can help you to successfully complete your project by relying on a wide range of services such as architecture consulting, technical debt management, agile project management. 

Java & javascript architectures

JNESIS has developed in the past few years a decisive know-how in the design and implementation of architectures using the java and javascript stacks.

Technical debt management

All organizations accumulate a technical debt by continuing to use obsolete and unsupported technologies, or by not implementing certain tools, techniques and processes that could speed up or improve the quality of development.


Agile methodology offers numerous advantages such as more functional consistency, a better mutual understanding of needs and stakes, an increased capability of early detection of design errors as well as the possibility for all types of stakeholders to take part early in the development process.

Project ownership assistance

Our distinctive know-how extends beyond development: we also excel in the management of risks and the understanding of the stakes for the business.

Code quality analysis

As a part of analyzing the quality of a code, compliance with best development practices or improving performance and reliability, JNESIS offers extensive audit services by a selection of experts with several years of experience, each in their own field.

Java & javascript expertise

JNESIS focuses mainly on the java and javascript stacks, thus avoiding a frequent issue with professional services: offering numerous technologies without a complete mastery of them.

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