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Audit & performance testing


Numerous java or javascript applications only show their best when they benefit from siginificant custom improvements on stability and performance.

Before drawing conlusions, and consider architecture consulting or infrastructure optimization however, a serious measurement campaign should always be conducted.

JNESIS offers extensive and managed solutions including:

  • Setup of JMX probes to measure in a Java application
  • Setup of benchmarking, notably Apache Jmeter
  • Fine profiling with Oracle VisualVM™ and Java Mission Control™ for java or frontend profiling for javascript
  • JVM tuning (notably Oracle)
  • Advanced configuration of Apache Tomcat and application servers



JNESIS has installed a full ecosystem of tools for its own operations as well as for its clients, and has today a vast experience in the implementation, configuration, and operation of the following:

  • Atlassian Confluence™ for the collaboration of a development team that includes the client in the definition of tasks as well as technical and functional documentation. Confluence™ is more than this however: it becomes, along its progress, a real knowledge base on the project.
  • Atlassian JIRA™ for the follow-up of projects or tickets (incidents, requests,…) in the case of interactive project management.
  • Docker is the world leader in software containerization. It allows significant gains in productivity in the development and operation stages.
  • Apache Tomcat is the most largely used open source Java servlet container in the world. JNESIS has developed over years a true expertise in the configuration and optimization of this tool. Discover our

Software testing


JNESIS offers extensive services around software testing, notably through consulting and implementation:

  • Setup of unit tests for Java (jUnit) or javascript (jasmine and mocha)
  • Complete integration tests, linked if required with a continuous integration process
  • Third party benchmarking (notably BrowserStack™ and Saucelabs™ for cross-platform and cross-browser frontends
  • Performance testing
  • Implementation of testing solutions such as Sencha Test or Bryntum Siesta
  • Random application testing