Java & Javascript

Java and javascript only

JNESIS focuses mainly on the java and javascript stacks, thus avoiding a frequent issue with professional services: offering numerous technologies without a complete mastery of them.

In the java ecosystem, we notably insist on Spring and Hibernate, in order to offer a perfect imbrication of those technologies with a high level of performance and reliability.

This approach of architecture is favored by thousands of companies and organizations across the globe, for resource planning applications or other backend applications that are extensively used and have stringent stability requirements.

As an alternative, we also offer our know-how in lighter backend architectures using technologies such as Node.js (including notably ExpressJS, SailsJS, MeteorJS) or frontend javascript.

We have also developed significant skills in Sencha ExtJS, acquired through several years of work and dozens of projects carried out and delivered with success.

We assist our clients with technological choices, as well as the improvement of quality, performance and robustness of their applications.

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