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Why entrust my Ionic development to Jnesis?

JNESIS provides ionic development solutions for different situations and organizations:


I want to outsource part or all of an ionic mobile development, via an expression of need or a specification

Team augmentation

Temporary increase of the production team for a short or even longer period, in order to achieve an internal milestone or time-to-market

4-hand coding

to transfer good practices to my own ionic teams

Recovery of an existing code

in order to put it back into good development practices (performance, security, maintainability)

Version upgrade

Support during a version upgrade (e. g. Ionic 3 to 4)

The « Jnesis approach »

As an official partner of Ionic, we guarantee strict compliance with Ionic’s best practices.

We have a pragmatic and efficient approach, meeting the project’s time and financial goals.

For projects involving a particular technical complexity(security or performance for example), we can work directly with the Ionic core team.

Ionic deals with different use cases

mobile application

An hybrid mobile application (Apple iOS and Android) based on a single development, without maintaining a native development team in each environment, and you can easily deploy on public and private app stores.

Web App

A Progressive Web App (PWA) which, thanks to the new functionalities of modern browsers, allows a web application to offer certain functionalities of hybrid applications (offline processing, camera, gps) while remaining a simple web application.

web application

A classic web application, for example for a business web application


A desktop application that allows you to easily deploy an application on Windows, Mac or Linux.

And finally, different development frameworks such as AngularReact or Vue.js can be used for ionic development.

Ionic development deals with different use cases using different frameworks

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