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Agility is in our DNA. Whatever your project is, Jnesis brings you a tailor-made solution with a high level of quality and know-how.

Outsourced development

We offer reliable and industrialized solutions for development in our facilities. This solution allows to benefit from the gathering of a highly expert personnel, a perfectly mastered toolset and the ability to muster the best of our skills at any given moment.

Development contracts

JNESIS favors outsourced development, but in some key stages such as the start, delivery, some specification processes, or when specific security or proximity concerns arise, JNESIS’s personnel can operate directly on site.


We have built around our production capacity in java & javascript a unique ecosystem of products and services that we integrate in our development projects.

Mobile development

JNESIS offers a pragmatic and efficient approach of mobile development. We indeed do not do native mobile development (iOS or Android), as the specificity of the languages make them restrictive.

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