Our Data & AI services

Data Integration + visualization

We provide aggregation and transformation of a large number of data from many different sources to produce for example pre-determined indicators. This can result in dashboards covering a wide range of areas (from the supervision of an industrial production line to financial, marketing or logistics monitoring).


AI pushes the limits of data by adding predictive intelligence, a better level of human interaction (pattern detection, chatbot, speech recognition), better detection of normal and abnormal situations (intelligent indicators, predictive alerts), self-learning capabilities and the ability to deal with unexpected situations.

Jnesis is always at your side

Jnesis provides a wide range of solutions and tools ready to be deployed in your company or organization, from the identification of data sources within your Information System (sensors, existing software, ERP, …) to the implementation of advanced uses (decision support, flow centralization, datawarehouse construction, data prediction, etc.).

Data Integration & visualization

Collect, integrate, transform, enhance, exploit, archive your data

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Add extra intelligence to your data and uses.

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