Agile methodology offers numerous advantages

Agile methodology offers numerous advantages such as more functional consistency, a better mutual understanding of needs and stakes, an increased capability of early detection of design errors as well as the possibility for all types of stakeholders to take part early in the development process.

Complex projects may require several weeks or months to be completed. You can count on us for being here to assist you through any change that may occur during that period (change in strategy, functional requirements, financial requirements). Our team is composed of experienced specialists in agile management, conducting projects in a reactive way and using tools and methods consistent with this approach.

Agile methodology implies deliverables on a frequent basis (every 2 or 3 weeks for example) all along the project lifecycle, so that stakeholders and developers can continuously exchange on concrete elements.

Each and every new client can benefit from Jnesis’ expertise in agility for its projects, expertise vetted by numerous clients through a long field experience in real-life project environments.

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