Sencha's official partner in Europe

Sencha services

JNESIS has since 2013 a close partnership with Sencha.

This partnership implies constant interactions with the community, an active participation in events at the European level (Sencha Roadshow Paris and Zürich), and two participations as a speaker in the global Sencha convention (San Francisco, 2015 and Las Vegas, 2016).

We also act as a local proxy for French and Swiss clients in need of other services on top of Sencha’s offer, notably for development (on and off-site), training in French, consulting and expertise.

Your trusted partner Sencha

Numerous organizations in France and Switzerland have already entrusted us with their projects and through long-term relationships, all pointing out our field experience as developers and our ability to step back and provide with a large view on technologies and their benefits.

We notably offer the following services in the Sencha ecosystem:

IT strategy and architecture,
web, mobile and entreprise

Ext JS code quality

Thematic workshops

Ext JS integration
Consulting, outsourced development and contracts


Development of
off-the-shelf components


of third party libraries

Specialized front-end
testing, including Sencha Test and Bryntum Siesta

measurement and improvement

from Ext JS 3+ to latest

Agile management
and transfer of skills, project ownership assistance

Local proxy
for Sencha

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