Predictive data

AI allows to go beyond the simple representation of data by offering the possibility to predict a future situation for example based on a model previously trained with past data.

Artificial Intelligence can operate at every level

AI offers solutions to complex problems, building new usages and new tools, anticipating and simulating to reduce costs.


of the human body or one of its parts (hands, eyes, posture) in a real-time video stream


of a complex system in order to test different usage scenarios without setting them up in the real world

Detect & predict

problems to help solve issues before they appear, reducing the cost of maintenance

Build intuitive dialogues

with human operators (chatbot) to improve time coverage (24/7), qualify the need to speed up the answer or refer to the right person

Solve problems

that "traditional" computing cannot or no longer address (large volumes of data involved, variability, or very short decision times)

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