Looking at working with THE Ionic official partner for France and Switzerland?

Ionic and Jnesis are now partners

We are proud to annouce Jnesis is now the official Ionic partner for France and Switzerland. This is the outcome of an extensive assessment of our development team by Ionic. Ionic is a leader in the development of cross-platform mobile applications (iOS, Android and Windows Phone).

As an Ionic partner, we now offer a complete range of services in regards to this technology:

  • full development or in cooperation with your teams of your mobile Ionic application
  • code auditing
  • architecture design of your mobile project integrated with existing Information Systems
  • consulting

In case you need to know more about Ionic, it is a technical solution that allows developing efficiently a mobile application with one single codebase and deploy it into Android Google Play, iOS App et Windows Phone stores.

But you still take advantage of the built-in sensors and services offered by the device like for example the GPS, the camera or strong authentication by fingerprint or face recognition.

It saves you rewriting the application for the different platforms. This is the well-known principle of “write once, run anywhere”.

Planning to develop an cross-platform mobile application?

We are looking forward you sharing with us your mobile projects and strategy. Our team will be with you from the design of your application to the deployment and delivery.

Check us out on the official Ionic partner website (yes we are the green spot located in France!), on the Jnesis website and on the social networks (twitter linkedin).

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