JNESIS has installed a full ecosystem of tools for its own operations as well as for its clients, and has today a vast experience in the implementation, configuration, and operation of the following:

  • Atlassian Confluence™ for the collaboration of a development team that includes the client in the definition of tasks as well as technical and functional documentation. Confluence™ is more than this however: it becomes, along its progress, a real knowledge base on the project.
  • Atlassian JIRA™ for the follow-up of projects or tickets (incidents, requests,…) in the case of interactive project management.
  • Docker is the world leader in software containerization. It allows significant gains in productivity in the development and operation stages.
  • Apache Tomcat is the most largely used open source Java servlet container in the world. JNESIS has developed over years a true expertise in the configuration and optimization of this tool. 

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