A unique ecosystem of products and services

We have built around our production capacity in java & javascript a unique ecosystem of products and services that we integrate in our development projects.

We notably use the following software to speed up development and ensure our delivrables’ reliability:

  • eXo platform is an Enterprise Social Network solutions based on a java platform, compliant with numerous interoperability standards and that offers a large selection of off-the-shelf components, notably centered on collaboration, electronic document management (EDM), remote authentication and content management (CMS).
  • Bryntum Siesta is a frontend testing platform with a strong javascript orientation (in particular Sencha Ext JS) that allows to automate various tests: unit testing, random/monkey testing, integration testing.
  • Talend Data Integration™ and Open Studio™ allow us to automate and make more reliable the integration and transformation of heterogeneous data from databases, whether they are multiple, split or require integration operations (fusion, merger, reprocessing, filtering, …)

Some of the software we use is offered through a partnership with the provider to ensure the highest quality of service, a perfect mastery of the tool and the continuous update of our skills.

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