Outsourced development

A reliable and industrialized solutions for development

We offer reliable and industrialized solutions for development in our facilities. This solution allows to benefit from the gathering of a highly expert personnel, a perfectly mastered toolset and the ability to muster the best of our skills at any given moment.

Developing at our service center gives the opportunity to integrate an immediately functional production unit in perfectly adequate and secure facilities.

It offers several advantages:

  • A team of experts in java & javascript technologies with a high level of mastery of architectures and agile development methodology
  • A complete and industrialized toolset (continuous integration processes, external and internal benchmarking, Confluence™ collaboration space, JIRA™ with JIRA-Agile, Sonarqube Sonar™)
  • A flexible modulation of workload
  • An expertise (Oracle™, security, infrastructure) that can intervene timely if any need of it arises
  • A perfectly coordinated production organization that uses consistent methodology and standards.

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